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We teach practical skills to people who would like to construct natural off the grid, energy efficient earth homes or dwellings. We share the knowledge to help you become more independent with our hands on learning cob building workshops over 1, 2 or 9 days, learning on real cob dwellings at all stages of construction.    

Being a hands on workshop expect long days of rewarding hard work, beautiful scenery, excellent wholesome food, in depth discussions and a natural life experience you will probably never forget. Meet like minded people from all over the world who share in the high satisfaction of learning to build an affordable healthy kiwi cob home for you and your family.


Cob building is easy to learn and an affordable way to build a healthy home. Lets face it how many horror stories have we heard about the " latest and greatest" conventional homes that have ended up costing us not just alot of money but also with our health. With the use of inferior "toxic" materials and dubious construction methods.

Earth is probably still the world's most common building material and it's all around us. Cob homes are cool in summer, warm in winter. Resistant to our harsh weather including earth quakes;  standing the test of time for hundreds if not thousands of years.

This ancient technology doesn't contribute to pollution, deforestation, mining nor depend on manufactured materials, is completely recyclable and non toxic with the added bonus of attracting environmentally safe building practices. 

Where can you build a healthy natural livable dwelling for no more than $100.. 

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